We are proud to present some of our clients' testimonials.
"I recommend Daniël Dutilh as business partner, in our experience he is an innovative and original thinker, with proven professional skills and knowledge."
"Daniel Dutilh is a person with extensive knowledge but above all he has the quality of honesty and integrity. It is always reassuring to know that when a problem arises he is not someone to hide and will always make himself readily available. Daniel Dutilh has a forward thinking and modern outlook but still embodies the traditional value of my word is my bond. Daniel Dutilh is a great guy and it was a pleasure working with him."
“Mr. Daniel Dutilh in his capacity as Managing Director of Van Uden Maritime appointed us in Lebanon as agents for their RoRo liner service. Under his responsibility we managed to solve important irregularities which took place prior to our appointment. Due to his respect and understanding for cultural & religious differences, as well as his perseverance, his diplomatic approach and patience he ultimately managed to solve the problems and successfully finalized them. Jointly we conducted several business trips within the Middle Eastern region, Mr. Dutilh has proven to be commercially strong and highly knowledgeable with regard to operational matters. Mr. Dutilh is a trustworthy individual on whom we always could rely, and we are happy to have done business with him.”
"Having successfully concluded various Ship Sale + Purchase transactions with Mr. Dutilh, we have always valued his professionalism, integrity and reliability."
"During the nearly 8 years that I have been chartering ships with Daniel Dutilh in his capacity as principal I have rarely come across an individual as knowledgeable of the market, well-versed in negotiations and charter parties, and ethical as him."
"Since MESCO started working with Mr. Daniël Dutilh, it has been always an honour dealing with him due to his professional knowledge and responsible attitude. We really appreciate to consider him as one of our reliable, trustworthy partners and friends."